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VetWebsites (Websites for Veterinarians) Shares Expert Tips for a Successful Online Presence

Boulder, CO (PRWEB) October 04, 2013

It only took the Internet 4 years to reach 50 million users compared to the 38 years it took the radio and 13 years for television. Now, the Internet is the first place a person turns to for information. With the increased use of the Internet and the skyrocketing demand for smartphones and tablets, having an effective online presence isnt just recommended, it is essential to succeed in this competitive market.

Just in the last decade, we have seen a transformation in the way we communicate, interact and even do business. The beauty of an effective website, is it can offer limitless opportunities for practice owners. Major benefits of an effective websites include:

1. Target Oriented Search engine optimization is the process of improving traffic to websites and if done correctly, veterinarians can have their practices come up on major search engines, driving traffic directly to their practice.

2. Informative Websites serve as a great resource tool for clients. Vets can use this space to provide recommended readings, sell your books, and provide links to hot topics. The Internet is now the first place a person goes to for information, wouldnt it be great if the first place they went was your website?

3. Cost effective If leveraged effectively, a website can offer infinite possibilities for practices 24/7. So while vets are with a patient, on vacation, eating dinner or even sleeping, websites are still working making information and services available to clients at all times of the day.

4. Wide outreach With over 2.4 billion Internet users, the Internet is where people are turning to for schools, shopping, community and even healthcare. In fact, over 96% of people are already searching online for vets each month.

Now more than ever, veterinarians and animal health professionals need products and services that help them attract new clients through internet marketing, says Greer Van Dyck, Sales and Marketing Manager at VetWebsites The reality is if you lack a strong online presence, you are jeopardizing the success of your practice.

VetWebsites specializes in creating websites that are engaging, professional, cost-effective, and extremely simple to maintain, and help veterinarians successfully market and manage their practice online. The VetWebsites package (with no set-up fees or contracts) includes everything thats needed for a professional online presence, including Search Engine Optimization, integrated email, editing tools, credit card processing, online appointment notifications, and unlimited technical and customer support.

Veterinarians can get started building an online presence today by visiting

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