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New marketing push for book The Crowned White Eagle relates Polands tumultuous past

(PRWEB) January 07, 2015

CATONSVILLE, Md. It may have all happened a long time ago, but the wounds of the past are slow to heal. Just recently, a former prison guard at the Nazi death camp in Auschwitz is being tried in Germany for having allegedly volunteered for the job. In light of this, author Anthony P. Kowalski takes readers back in time with The Crowned White Eagle (published by Xlibris), which traces the history of the Polish people, their trials and tribulations.

This book features the tribulations experienced by Poland during World War II. Capturing the essence of a crucial time in Polish history, it is written to stand as a symbolic reminder of the countrys tenacity, endurance and unwavering spirit that surpass all forms of atrocity. In looking into the countrys tumultuous past, Kowalski shows that even though two centuries of violence, misery and crimes to humanity may have torn down families and taken the lives of many citizens, it never took away the peoples hope, for the aspiration for freedom and democracy prevailed continuously within the hearts of the valiant Polish people.

This is a unique testimony to a forgotten people, says Kowalski. In expressing the Polish peoples plight, The Crowned White Eagle echoes the struggles of many ethnic and religious minorities around the world. It is his intent that this book would give readers the courage to stand up for their ideals and inspire them to work against oppression of every stripe.

The Crowned White Eagle

By Anthony P. Kowalski

Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 118 pages | ISBN 9781469168913

Softcover | 6 x 9in | 118 pages | ISBN 9781469168906

E-Book | 118 pages | ISBN 9781469168920

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

Anthony P. Kowalski is a native of Trenton, N.J. He studied at St. Marys College in Orchard Lake, Mich. (BA, 1957) and Immaculate Conception Seminary in Darlington, N.J. (1957-61), then did graduate work at Fordham (MA Latin, 1966) and NYU (PhD Ed Admin, 1977). Ordained a Catholic Priest for the Diocese of Paterson, N.J. (1961), he served for fourteen years as associate pastor, teacher and seminary rector. In January 1976, he married Joan Sullivan at Holy Trinity in Georgetown, and they were blessed with one son, John. His professional career entailed many administrative positions. His publications include research studies at New York University and the George Washington University, monograms in special education, many articles in religious journals (e.g., America, the Beacon, CORPUS Reports) and a book, Married Catholic Priests (New York: Crossroad, 2005).

Xlibris Publishing, an Author Solutions, LLC imprint, is a self-publishing services provider created in 1997 by authors, for authors. By focusing on the needs of creative writers and artists and adopting the latest print-on-demand publishing technology and strategies, we provide expert publishing services with direct and personal access to quality publication in hardcover, trade paperback, custom leather-bound and full-color formats. To date, Xlibris has helped to publish more than 60,000 titles. For more information, visit or call 1-888-795-4274 to receive a free publishing guide. Follow us @XlibrisPub on Twitter for the latest news.

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