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Lowboy Trailer Provider, Expotractor, Enhances Their Impressive Collection of Large Construction Equipment

Miami, FL (PRWEB) April 26, 2013

Lowboy trailer provider, Expotractor, a top rated provider of new and used equipment for heavy construction, has added lowboy trailers to their product range. A diverse range of equipment parts from the most trusted brands in the market are available at Expotractor. The company specializes in the export of equipment and parts to Europe, South & Central America, Canada, the Middle East, and Africa.

Renowned construction machinery equipment provider, Expotractor, is ready to unleash an advanced range of lowboy trailers for their customers. The company is well known in the market for their new and used equipment for trucks, trailers, and heavy machinery like asphalt pavers. The highly efficient team at Expotractor boasts of qualified professionals offering guaranteed satisfaction and quality service to their clients. Expotractor exports all their products throughout the world within the best rates, fast turnaround, and maximum safety. The company is now all set to make further impact on the market with the expansion of their range of products.

Lowboy trailers have extensive use in the heavy construction sector. As the load on a trailer increases, it becomes more top heavy, and there is a high probability of tipping. These types of trailers are used to ensure safety and stability to the trailers. They have decks that are closer to the ground and have a lower center of gravity comparing to other trailers. It is also much easier to load the lower level of the deck. These types of trailers can be extremely useful while removing cargo at places that have no dock for loading and unloading. Continuing their tradition of providing products from the most renowned brands, Expotractor is now offering lowboy from Fontaine and Witzco Challenger, two of the most trusted companies in this field., a website created by the web design Miami firm, NetroStar, has always been your one stop shop for high quality and reasonably priced construction machinery. Expotractor is proud to include Lowboy Trailers, from some of the most recognized brands, in their product range. In the near future, they are planning to add more variety by offering all types of lowboys from more of the world famous manufacturers. As always, Expotractor will continue to provide top-of-the-class service and reasonable prices for their range of trailers.

About the Company: Expotractor has been providing the best new and used equipment in the industry for heavy machinery, trucks, and trailers for years. A diverse range of parts for the construction equipment industry, as well as the most trusted and reliable brands in the market are available here. No matter where the product is needed, the company specializes in exporting within minimum expense and best turn around.

Inquiries for Expotractor should be directed to (305) 392-9103, and inquires for NetroStar can be directed to Marcin Ladowski, CEO at (305) 577-9904.

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