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Google Award for Do Something Different

B (PRWEB Uk) 1 October 2012

Do Something Different picked up the trophy in the Google Exceptional Use of Engineering in the Discipline of Diversity classification at the European Diversity Awards, 2012.

The programme was Extremely Commended for its innovative use of engineering in dispensing range programmes at scale using text and email to push behaviour modify.


The mind-little one of two Professors of Psychology from the University of Hertfordshire, Karen Pine and Ben (C) Fletcher, Do Some thing Distinct makes use of online diagnostics to measure individuals (or Do-ers) current behavior and behaviours. Do-ers are then sent a collection of psychologically effective Dos text messages developed to tempt men and women out of their comfort zones and experiment with new behaviours. At the stop of the programme, on-line diagnostics measure how individuals have modified.

This award was based mostly on the productive application of Do A thing Distinct with a significant British isles skilled services firm, in which variety and inclusion Dos ended up sent to above ten,000 workers, with excellent benefits. Do A thing Distinct has also been used for effectively-getting programmes with marginalised communities in West Norfolk, with health programmes in Holland and creativity programmes with on the internet marketing companies.


Karen Pine clarifies: The Dos are developed close to the goal of the programme. At the identical time, men and women with various behavior profiles or behaviour profiles get diverse Dos. An individual who is shy will get Dos that will invite them to be a small much more outgoing. A person who is a threat-taker will get Dos that encourage them to be far more cautious.

Do One thing Diverse is at present getting employed by neighborhood authorities, larger corporates and smaller sized companies covering topics from bias and range, wellness and properly-getting and work tension, to family and much better parenting, anxiety and anxiety and healthful dwelling programmes at house.


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